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Fratini falegnameria Porto Sant'elpidio Mobili Legno
Fratini falegnameria Porto Sant'elpidio Mobili Legno
Fratini carpentry

designs and manufactures custom-made furniture and kitchens. Living rooms, bathrooms and custom furnishings.

We like to consider our company as a  laboratory of ideas and solutions  that makes available to  customers, individuals or professionals, institutions or organizations, their ability to shape wood by favoring taste and functionality.

We love wood  and create unique pieces.  We love our job  and we have been doing it for a long time.

In the early twentieth century, returning from Argentina,  Anselmo Fratini  opened his own carpentry workshop in Grottazzolina.

In 1904, the Fratini carpentry uses the first electric motor and, in 1950, with the transfer to  Porto S. Elpidio, a new season of development and success begins.


The great work of Anselmo and Alfio leads to an exponential growth of the company, demonstrating that technique and art, innovation and continuity can walk together.


In the new millennium, the present of the Fratini carpentry is called  Francesco and Marilena: “Quality, passion, courtesy. But above all values, which we have tried to keep intact over time.


After the great work of the first Fratini generations, our intent was to carry on the same elements that have characterized it since its birth, welding  the  taste in furnishing and production efficiency with the reliability of experience and the seriousness of tradition. "
  tradition  from  quality, engraved in  wood.


Partner of the best professionals

Falegnameria Fratini, thanks to the ability to carry out high-profile processes, if necessary by exploring innovative applications, even in complex and articulated projects, has always collected great satisfaction working for  professional clients.

Whenever possible or required we like to weave  collaborations with designers  of each extraction, to work together and get the most out of each project.



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